Recruited Staff

EzyDo has its own set of skilled and well-trained staff. This ensures sustained quality of service and safety.


Perfect mix of offerings

EzyDo provides expert homecare services and various lifestyle activities. It aims to become a one-stop solution for all your needs.


Long lasting customer relations

With EzyDo, all you have to do is relax. We deliver our services with precision, leaving you at ease, always. EzyDo looks at nurturing long term bonds!

Our Offerings


The yoga module by EzyDo has really helped me a lot! I have realized that I used to ignore my body and its potential! I feel fresh and very healthy after completing my 12th session! Thank you Team EzyDo..

image author
Vinay Itkyal

Former Deputy General Manager Finance ARAI

I requested for a personal trainer from EzyDo and am very happy with the way my inquiry was attended.EzyDo Team was prompt and turned around instantly with a module fit for me. The trainer is very punctual and highly knowledgeable and keeps on motivating me towards my fitness goal.Ihave never felt so energetic and healthy before.

image author
Shilpa Shimpi

Corporate professional

The technicians from EzyDo are highly qualified. The technician who came to my house explained the issue to me very clearly and what had to be done. My Kitchen appliances were checked & repaired the same day. Their staff was very courteous, followed good etiquettes and was carrying I-Cards.Nicely executed job.. Cheers!!!

image author
Virendara Singh Soddhi

Corporate Manager

Me and my wife were extremely happy and delighted about the professional approach EzyDo team followed. Theirmechanized cleaning service was extremely meticulous and complete. The floor scrubbing was beautifully done; felt that the floor was newly laid, so clean, really wonderful! Thank you EzyDo for the time and the service!

image author
Sunil Sharma