In which cities does EzyDo provide its services?

Currently Pune. However, we plan to expand geographies in the near future.

What previous experience does EzyDo have in the category of services they provide?

EzyDo has a strong lineage of providing Facility Management Services in the Corporate segment. Our home up-keep team is well versed with providing services to the smallest corner of your home. Our activity providers and trainers are also well experienced and are in this business since long.

How long does it take to receive the services after placing the order?

If your requirement is clear, we will turn around quickly. Your Request will be attended to within 12 hours. Please contact the call center on +91 9623 123 456 in case your request needs a response urgently.

Once booked, can the services be cancelled or rescheduled?

Re-scheduled, yes. However, we don’t see a reason why you would cancel a request. We are in fact sure you will let us serve you again.

In case of Annual Maintenance Contracts [AMC] what happens when I move to a new address while the contract is still valid?

Before signing and AMC we will be sharing the detailed scope for your home. If any customisation needs to be done in terms of tenure or services, we will surely get it done.

Do I have to pay for the equipments/spare parts that are needed for the service?

Yes, we will be carrying basic equipment. If any spare parts or material is required otherwise, it will be charged at actual.

How well trained and experienced are the employees who deliver the services?

We ensure that the people we hire are well versed in the service they provide. They are trained to serve you in the best of our capacity. Be assured that your worries will be taken care of.

What should I do if I’m dissatisfied with a service?

Kindly get back to us with your feedback, we will ensure your disappointment is address immediately.

Which modes of payment can I use to make payments?

Currently we work only with Cash on Delivery mode for payment.

In case of AMCs, can I make the payments in EMIs?

Option is available, please contact the call center on +91 9623 123 456 or email us at for details.

What personal details are asked for when availing a service and why?

Your name, address, number and email id is all we need to know if you are availing our services for home upkeep. However, if you are availing our activities, we will need to know a little more about your health so that we can serve you better.

Are my details secure at EzyDo?

Be assured that we share no details about you, your home or activities with anyone.

How and when can I avail your services if there is no one at the house from morning till night?

We can serve you at your convenient time. Early morning or late night, that’s fine for us.

What happens if the service requires more time than estimated? Do I have to pay an additional cost?

We do not work on hourly basis; hence you will not have to pay more if it takes more time. However, if the scope of service is changed or if any additional service is consumed, we will charge extra.