Terrace Or Balcony Cleaning

Terrace or balcony

Rs 500


The morning cup of tea is best enjoyed in fresh air in the terrace or balcony. But with dust, pollution, bird droppings, etc. terraces become dirty very quickly. EzyDo’s thorough Terrace or Balcony Cleaning service rids your terrace of all dirt and dust, so you can continue with your morning dose of tea and newspaper.

How we do it :

  • Trained professionals
  • Specialised equipments
  • Specialised cleaning for grills
  • Special equipments for cleaning anti-skid tiles

Inclusions :
Includes dusting, sweeping, moping of the entire area and cobweb removal of the area.

Exclusions :
If plants and balcony pots are to be removed and cleaned, then charges extra upon the survey.